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March 24, 2006



There are no terrorists in Iraq. There have never been terrorists in Iraq. Only Sunnis and Shia determined to defend their country against a foreign aggressor. It's hardly a surprise that in Vichy France, true defenders of freedom were called "terrorists." There will always be tyrants, and tyrants will always try to conquer language so that they can conquer the minds of their constituents.


"There are no terrorists in Iraq. There have never been terrorists in Iraq."

I guess you haven't seen the latest documents from Saddam's files.

"Only Sunnis and Shia determined to defend their country against a foreign aggressor."

. . . . the foreign agressor being Iran?

Well, the Sunnis are now killing and disassociating themselves from the Al Queda who have been indiscriminately killing them. And if the Shia and Sunni have been "defending against a foreign agressor," then who has been blowing up Iraqis in roadside bombs, blowing up police stations and recruiting offices for the Iraqi army, and Iraqis trying to vote? Who has been complaining about armed militia bands terrorizing people in their own towns, and giving tips in increasing numbers to the Coalition and Iraqi forces, to get rid of those people?

I guess you're one of the people who needs to sign up for this course.


I believe the point "Homeopathy" was weakly trying to make was that many people fighting for *their* rights are often termed terrorists until the point they achieve power. At that point, they have an option of either becoming legitimate governments by the people and for the people or they become dictatorships of one type or another. Unfortunately, the latter tends to be the bias for a number of historical and sociological reasons. Where this poster falls short is in his/her failure to understand that there are non-secular forces that are attempting to de-stabilize the process by utilizing violent action against civilians and occupying military forces alike.

But back on topic, are these fellowships open to professors in disciplines other than history or political science? I am a professor in a bioscience field, but have been maintaining an ongoing conversation on terrorism with friends at a couple of internationally read periodicals and a current senate hopeful. Because of these conversations, I have been cultivating a growing interest in defining terrorism and determining how to best work with "Gap Nations" as defined by Thomas Barnett to prevent/retard the development of terrorism.

The Troll

Homeopathy needs to take a deep breath and maybe dip into their homeopathy kit for somthing to calm the nerve keep drinking the chamomile...

ON TOPIC: is there a course that can be generated from this forum for homeschoolers. As a home schooling Parent and just an average person I think this information would be good to spread to more than just academia..


BWJones --
I believe any professor is eligible. certainly apply -- I was in the first group of fellows in 2003 and it is a fantastic experience and an opportunity not to be missed. Our fellows came from a wide array of disciplines, and certainly a scientist's perspective would be welcome.

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