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July 17, 2006


Mohammad Hana Dwah

Salam Aleykom,
The Palestinian/Lebanese comunity living in Malta today 31st July took part in a march for protest against killings in Lebanon. Maltese people simpatized with us and joined us in the march.
Next Friday at 6.00pm there will be another march in Sliema opposite Preluna Hotel.
Please see that it is shown on Al Manar TV
Contact Malta PBS for details and pictures.
Thank you, and Allah be with you!!


Have the Israeli killers got thieir soldiers back yet? NO. Have they stopped Hezbollah rcokets?. NO Defeat on both of the stated "war" aims. You fuckers have got to admit it. Hezbollah kick ass are now more popular than ever. Nazrallah is now the most popular Arab leader. Thanks jewboys, thanks a million.

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