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November 13, 2007


The City Troll

I just cross posted this. It's always the little things like this that our MSM seems to miss. Gee I wonder why that is?

Tomas littlejohn

i was tortured by an SAS soldier here in Australia over a period of 12 months. during that ordeal he told me he was responsable for the capture and torture of a number of english soldiers during the first gulf war. All i know about him is he's first name is simon and he's about 6'4" tall and he looks italian. he probably lives here in brisbane and hes now about 56 years old. although he looks much younger. The only english soldiers that i know of that where captured and tortured in the first gulf war was a guy who calls himself Andy McNab who now writes novels. 3 others died during their ordeal. The SAS and ASIO [ Australian security inteligence organisation] do a lot of work with molecular nano technology and photonics. they share their findings with a team of scientists from the CIA and vise versa. these guys can now make themselves invisable and can erase a persons memory. they have been able to do this for a long time now. i dont know how they do it but i know they can. not all of them can be trusted though. i dont know if he's telling the truth about his activities in the gulf war but i know he's a sadistic bastard and i wouldn't doubt that he had something to do with it. yours sincerely, Tomas littlejohn.

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