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February 26, 2008


American Patriot

What an utter load of crap!

Existing investigations can be pursued for 6 months.

Meanwhile, if the intelligence justifies it, a tap can be immediately implemented - but can only be maintained for 72 hours without a warrant from the FISA court.

The FISA court has essentially never refused such a request.

There is no degradation to security.

American Patriot is right

Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety -- Ben Franklin

Of all the enemies to public liberty war is, perhaps, the most to be dreaded because it comprises and develops the germ of every other. No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare. -- James Madison

Not Telling You

How does it feel to be in the back pocket of the Christian Right?

Say, wasn't Leo Strauss influenced by Nietzsche? Naturally, he interpreted him badly, which must be why you worthless Straussian fucks insist on giving support to a dead (lole!) religious ideology.


Franklin, who in the Poor Richard's Almanack of 1738 is known to have written: "Sell not virtue to purchase wealth, nor Liberty to purchase power."

Ghost in the Machine

Mitch McConnell is something I'd wipe off the bottom of my shoe before stepping in pig shit.. so I didn't contaminate the shit..

Totally. Useless. Hack.


I was watching television and saw an add Promoting Bipartisan Terrorist Surveillance Legislation. It's plain to see that you are working off the fears of the American people to pass legislation that imposes on other Americans freedoms.
Can some one say Fear-Mongering-NeoCons?
Wake up people!
Can't you see that your liberties are at stake here?

Dual Citizen

Sorry FDD, but your hysterical cry for a general policy of fear doesn't work. I seem to remember national 'leaders' calling for Americans to go about their lives with measured caution, not unrestrained fear and paranoia.

Unless the FDD can absolutely guarantee there will be no terrorist attacks if terrorist surveillance laws are continued, THIS American refuses to relinquish any more liberties and has demanded his Representative allow the surveillance laws to elapse. Obviously, the FDD cannot possible promise such a guarantee.

Here's a thought: Maybe it might be worth examining exactly WHY the U.S. is subject to attacks? The pat answer of "Because they hate freedom" means nothing and says even less. The international community is fed up with American culture, American-style 'democracy' and American hegemony being shoved down their throats.... either under economic threats or at the end of a barrel.

It's also time to let a sixty-year old country stand on its own two feet, as well. With a U.S.-funded military armed with U.S.-provided nuclear weapons, Israel has enjoyed the rewards of U.S. taxpayer revenue for long enough. Back off the generous stipends and the 'evil-doers' just might have one less major gripe with the States.

The era of the Bush Policy of Fear is coming to an end. I intend to live and enjoy life minus 'patriotic' paranoia.


It is just this simple. Get rid of the rider on the Senate version of the bill that would give the
communication companies amnesty. Once again it's about Bush taking care of his own(rich buddies) and
stomping on the rights of the average American, not to mention the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Not Telling You

Speaking of which, why is it necessary for the telecoms to have immunity if all of this is legal?


Great comments. I don't believe any thinking person would actually believe the fear mongering television advertisement apparently sponsored by this group, and I'm certainly surprised that anyone would want to associate themselves with such nonsense. This group must be getting their money from those same telecommunication companies who are desperate for amnesty from liability for their illegal acts.

Stephen Hudler

I urge the Senate to reject retroactive amnesty for telecommunications companies. These companies committed crimes, pure and simple. They used their position of trust and privilege to spy on Americans. They did this without warrants. If any Senator or Congressional Representative is EVER going to campaign on being tough on crime, I don't see how they can support amnesty for phone companies. How can these violations of American rights be forgiven? The phone companies MUST be punished. If not, our very freedom is at risk! The phone company amnesty bill is an abomination and it must be squashed!

The National Security Agency directed these warrantless surveillance on Americans. If the surveillance of innocent Americans is not to be considered spying, can anyone explain to me why a spy agency directed the covert operation? Remember, the Bush Administration denied that the spying ever happened! Do criminals ever lie about their crimes? The answer is obvious.

The spying included the records and content of private DOMESTIC communications. Millions of ordinary, innocent Americans were victimized. What's next, a listening device in every living room, a camera in every restroom? It's 1984, people.

During the Bush swan-song State of the Union address, Democrats sat on their hands much of the time. Their greatest silence was earned when President Bush demanded that phone companies be forgiven their crimes. Republicans, amongst them the leading Congressional neo-con Candice Miller, were all for letting phone companies off the hook. Rep. Miller even had time to shake the hand of George Bush when the last-gasp event was over. Who knows how deep the neo-cons self-interest goes in demanding amnesty for phone company crimes?

If George Bush is concerned about criminal charges against those involved in spying on Americans he has the option of pardoning every last one of them. Instead he's asking Congress to do his dirty work for him. Typical.

Senators! Congressional Representatives! Do not back Bush by allowing phone companies to escape their criminal acts! Do not forgive! Do not forget!

FDDis abitch

Total disrespect for the constitution! Fear mongering scumbags like this destroy democracy. those who would sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither. FDD = scum of the scum


Let me see if I understand this correctly... we allow the IRS to know every dime we make (or lose), we allow them to know where we live, our social security numbers, dob, children's names and socials, BUT, people get upset if our government is doing their job and intercepting phone calls made by terrorists who are using the same lines as we are?

Nancy Pelosi has underlying agenda. It the Democrats way of controlling everything. The more control they have, the longer they keep their jobs. If Democrats would wake up, despite all the blogs, articles, am radio talk show hosts and numerous articles written everyday and lets not forget their paychecks where taxes are being taken out... with all of that in mind, they still vote Democrat. They are brainwashed, they allow themselves to be brainwashed.

This is the fault of the voters for allowing this BS to continue.

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