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January 23, 2006


US Soldier

Wow. I'm a bit speechless.

As it has been said already, seeing things like those images is "why we fight".


Of course, none of that compares to (the allegation of) putting a Koran in a toilet. That's real torture. Things were okay under Saddam until we ruined things. Or so some would have us believe...

Mike Pellicio

I don't have a weak stomach... and I've never averted my eyes from anything graphic. I watched Nick Berg's beheading and was grossed out, but had no problem watching it. Alas, I cannot get through video two. Thank God we intervened.


ok, he was one very evil individual whose people needed liberating. which country is the next target, iraq under saddam wasn't unique. so why was this guy picked from the others?

11-M VET 1990-1992


pdx steve

This really makes anyone who calls Bush a dictator look like an idiot.

Brooks Imperial

The war should continue until the perpetrators, supporters, and sympathizers of these barbarians, in whatever country, have been removed from the gene pool.

Mike Moeller

Mr. Pellicio's comments above reveal a typical posture of the anti-war crowd - "OK, Saddam's a bad guy, but why was he picked over other bad guys?" The underlying assumption is that because of some connection between the President and oil, etc., Saddam was top of the list. It screams out, to me at least, the refusal to see the connections that existed between Saddam's regime and the events that unfolded on Sept. 11th. I'm through trying to understand the illogical approach to this from those on the left and in the anti-war crowd. These videos are just further evidence we did the right thing. Are there other regimes that need to be taken down? You bet. Patience, grasshopper, patience.
I wonder how many on the left could sit and watch these and then make the same tired arguments about this being an illegal and unjust war (See Joel Stein's commentary in the LATimes today - in his eyes, Kosovo=Just and Good, Iraq=Vietnam=Unjust and Bad. I just don't get it.)


Why this dictator? Why not? Why not start somewhere instead of hand-ringing and waiting for more "appropriate timing". Waiting only makes things worse. Should have removed Saddam years ago.

If Clinton had invaded Iraq, it would be a very different story for the liberal media. But ONLY because Bush did it do they oppose it. Its a very sad case of playing politics instead of trying to make a difference somewhere in the world.

And these videos really show how nasty and evil Saddam was. Compare that to making someone wear a dog leash.


I sent this to the paper, let them know what you think.

Too often the position of America in regard to the world we live in is defined by people who have a 10 September 2001 view. I want to tell Mr. Stein that the mandate to go to war was issued against Terrorists. Not what he perceives terrorists as but what has been defined by people with a much wider view. If he isn't happy that the mandate does not have a larger margin now, he has only himself to blame. As I see it he and his ilk have managed to lie and deceive to the point where they have only conned a small portion of the American public. This war has raged since 1993 when a man with an Iraqi passport endeavored to blow up the World Trade Center, as of 11 September 2001 we actually started fighting back. I have no problem connecting dots, unless one is intellectually dishonest or just plain stupid, Iraq as a terrorist state is a slam dunk. Given that Mr. Stein openly admits not having done much for this country it's not all that hard for me to dismiss him as a parasite.
It's no wonder that newspaper circulations have dropped, to advance the theory that our troops do not deserve our support is seditious and borders on treason. Mr. Stein should do some reading on the subject and not rely on his liberal intelligentsia(oxymoron) for facts. Shame on the Times for allowing a mentally challenged writer to play with matches.

adolfo velasquez

I'm half way through, because I believe we need to be aware of the brutality that's out there. Honestly, I hope 3 and 4 aren't as bad as 2.

To the commenter above who asked if Saddam was worse than a dozen other dictators: have you no sense of right? Whether we can stop this everywhere in the world is not the issue. We could stop Saddam, and it's a good thing we did.

Hemlock for Gadflies

Saw all this stuff when I was in Iraq in 03. For the Republican faithful who believe this validates the war, wonder if you could explain to me your position on indicting Mr. George H.W. Bush (private citizen), Mr. Colin Powell (private citizen), Mr. George P. Shultz, (private citizen), and any number of additional co-conspirators formerly associated with the Reagan and Bush administrations with conspiracy to aid and abet crimes against humanity.

Some of this video -- and lots of other video that is out there -- dates from the 1980s, when the Reagan and Bush administrations were proactively engaged in supporting Saddam Hussein (to include the provision of "crop-sprayer" UH-1 helicopters) and when these abuses were well-known within the government and were often referred to in White House memoranda.


I'm no fan of Stein either but at least he exposes the hypocrisy of the standard liberal position on "supporting the troops".

He and others profess that we are no better than our enemies when we engage in "torture", such as sleep deprivation and underwear on the head. Watch these clips (if you can) and then come tell me that.

adolfo velasquez

Reagan and Bush administrations with conspiracy to aid and abet crimes against humanity.

Fortunately, one party in this country since 9/11 is taking these human rights abuses seriously. If Democrats were in power, we would still be aiding and abetting this kind of horror.

Brown people suffering in Iraq, N. Korea, Sudan, Cuba? Who cares? As long as liberals can sit at Starbucks and type snarky left wing comments into their laptops, they're happy.

adolfo velasquez

The first sentence of my last post is a reference to Hemlock's comment. I guess we can't italicize here.


I find it very interesting that the beheading technique used by Saddam's henchmen is virtually identical (after the sword was abandoned in favor of a knife) to that of al-quaida terrorists. Including the placement of the head afterwards. Makes you wonder if it was included in the training provided prior to 2003... Headchopping 101 @ Baghdad University of Political Arts.


Good God... I quite after watching the first and then half of the 2nd. They oought to force anyone that complains about US treatment of Iraqis or terrorists anywhere to watch these. My stomach is just churning after watching this....

We shouldn't even be allowing Saddam a trial...he should have gotten a bullet.


The trial really isn't for Saddam, it's for the Iraqi people. It's an opportunity to show the world what Saddam really was (and is). It's also a chance to be a modern country governed by the rule of law, with rights for all.
And then they get to kill him.


Seeing all that torture makes me want to shoot hole into and burn people....oh, wait....

Mike Pellicio

Mr. Moeller, for the record my comment was the one above. Point taken, though. By the way, Stein half-rescinded his comment on Kosovo on Hugh Hewitt's radio show, transcript here: http://www.radioblogger.com/#001332


The people of Iraq have lived & suffered under this monster since 1979. However, since his overthrow, have they charged ahead to embrace democracy when given the oportunity? Most governments in the Middle East are oppressive & tyranical,Syria is as bad if not worse. How is it the Arab world has no love for freedom.Maybe forcing democracy on a people, in a area of the world where it does not exist ( & wouldn't without our assistance) is a lost cause.


It always amazes me that people will justify our presence in a country by these atrocities. Or, was it because of the WoMD? Or, was it because of the (alleged) ties to al-Quida? Or, was it the oil? Or... and it goes on and on.

Clinton committed atrocities in Boznia-Herzegovena when he bombed the hell out of them in a move very much like a Wag-the-Dog scenario; Madaleine Albright was then asked how she felt about hundreds of thousands of children and women dying, her response is, sadly, typical: unfortunate, but necessary.

It's amazing that we, as a country, feel the need to insert our morality, where it is neither desired nor asked for, with nothing but brute force.

And, if you think that the U.S. is above atrocities such as this, please go down to your local reservation and talk to the First Nation people there, some of the atrocities have happened within living memory; you see, we are the undesireables according to the U.S. government and their responses, historically, have differed little from Saddam's regime: torture, forced relocation and extermination.

Yr. Fthfl. Svnt.

"It always amazes me that people will justify our presence in a country by these atrocities."

That statement shines with the clarity of a diamond. It is everything you need to know about the anti-Bush-at-any-cost left.


It astounds me that people are surprised by this and even worse, are unenlightened about the atrocities being committed while Bush and co are in the driving seat (yup, the beheading of Nick Berg, if real and not staged to divert attention from Abu Gharaid, was courtesy of the coalition of the willing - it is no coincidence he was involved with the alleged 911 perpetrators and was also involved in wiring Iraq with the same kind of shit media lies we are subjected to in the west. And rummy sacrificed the poor bastard when the heat got too much for him. But the vast majority of spoon fed citizens will never see or admit to the images of Bush;s outsourced torture and executions, nor the genocide that is now taking place in the name of preserving our oil and consumption lifestyles for a few more years - we're indeed lucky al jazeera was able to get any images out of Bush's Faluja wmd atrocities - flesh dripping off bodies piled up in the streets is far worse than this selective release of Kurdish attacks and executions imho. You people need to get out more - PNAC idealogies needed 9/11 and you can fill in the blanks yourself if you still have a brain.


The enemy of Sept 11th was not Mohammed Atta, Mohammed Atta is dead. The enemy was the person who was alive the next day, who stepped in front of the mirror, and saw the enemy inside them, that must be confronted and defeated. It is an enemy inside every leader of every country, of every husband of every household, of every wife, and of every son and daughter.

The only way mankind can survive the next 11 months, is to use the power of prayer, and connect with God and Jesus Christ.

Their is great evil in this world, and it must be confronted and defeated. Our heavenly father and his son Jesus are watching this as I type this.

The majority of the world is made up of good people. The good in the world is worth fighting and dieing for.

Their are two futures. Lets be smart and pick the path to enlightenment, not the path to armageddon. Its our choice. It was Gods choice to put Saddam here, its our choice to confront and put out of business evil like Saddam.

God bless the souls that died in these films.


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