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December 29, 2006



There is so much wrongness to many dimensions of the Zionism/Palestine situation that it is difficult to find any faction deserving of support in all they profess and do. Similarly, though, it is difficult, or it should be, to assign the label, "... the father of modern terrorism ..." to Arafat.

There is no such thing as 'modern terrorism' - all that has changed is the label and the methods of a mechanism used for all of history. From Jabotinsky's ruthlessly honest "Iron Wall" of 1923 one can predict the ensuing chaos of Zionism and the Palestinians. The only practical means Zionists had and have of 'success' in their professed aim is terrorism to the point of extreme genocide. Terrorism was a tool of Zionists in the establishment of Israel and it is a tool used by every ideology, including that of the current US administration, as a 'shortcut', that never works in the long term, to imposing its dominion on others. The very expression 'shock and awe' was a euphemism for the infliction of terror.

The way forward for Israel is a constitution that acknowledges and guarantees liberty and equality under the law for every individual regardless of ethnicity or religious ideology and a government that enforces such a constitution as the primary and inviolable law of the land. Until Israel turns that corner it is a state that uses power and armed force to impose the ideology of Zionism for an elite ethnic/religious group at the expense and harm of others - a terrorist state that breeds terrorism as a response.

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