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December 14, 2006



Mr. Velshi,

Your excellent article has once again brought to the limelight the unfortunate truth that our enemy knows us better than we know ourselves.

The Holyland Foundation was a calculated attempt by Hamas to create a smoke screen for an operational front inside the United States. By reviewing our laws (at the time) and forming their operational parameters beforehand, they believed that they could operate for years under the radar of US authorities.

Unfortunately for them, 9/11 occurred. That evil brought a beam of light focused on some of the most obvious that these terrorist affiliated fronts were conducting inside of our borders. Take for example the HLF spin off organization, KindHearts USA, which was operated by a former official from the HLF in the Toledo, Ohio area.

Unfortunately for us (us being the United States), these operators who were behind these organizations are still running free. Yes, their past venture has been shut down or had its assets frozen, but the knowledge of how to work our system is still out there- and being passed on to anyone who wants to participate in 'the cause'. New charities are popping up with the second or third generations of associates of the HLF, IAP, and KindHearts USA, running the operations; but because they are not waving the flag of HAMAS on their front porch are thriving with unbridled success.

Some of these groups are just as obvious as their predecessors, but due to the effectively generated 'fear of racism' laid out by another HAMAS affiliated organization, remain untouched, and seemingly untouchable. Some of these groups have worked a little harder and buried further into the onion to hide. But they are still in an onion, and not a rock.

This enemy has watched, and learned. They understand that our structured court system and that the due process some of us citizens still love can bog down the legal process for years if attacked properly. They also understand that our continued slide down the path to moral relativism makes it very difficult for the government to convince enough people (in the homeland battle for hearts and minds) that just because a group/ organization is not holding the smoking gun or manufacturing the TATP, that they are still a terrorist organization.

What America needs now is a people that are willing to go through the tears of peeling some onions now before it has to go through the tears of responding to another or even more destructive 9/11.

Keep up the good work.

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