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January 10, 2008



I think the editor on the JZ article is not familiar with South Africa and the ANC. There are no tribes, JZ is a political leader within the ANC not Zulus.
He was elected not self appointed through violence, and the song referred to is part of the legacy left to South Africa by the Antiapartheid struggle not a campaign song.
The issue of rape was decided upon by the courts, not a jury and its a done deal. Together with the recently increased to R4million Rands corruption case, form the basis of a conspiracy that has been aiming to destroy his credibility, integrity and undermine his path to leadership that is thought to be reserved for an elite intellectual base.
Forward with JZ and peoples power, ANC Lives, ANC Leads.


Give it twenty years and Zuma will have South Africa looking like Zimbabwe. I can just see the new ANC slogan - On to Zimbabwe.

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