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January 11, 2008



Engr Ghotki. Don't be an idiot!! What's the use of a whole country which persecutes people. You should instead ask people to vote for people who will not make false promises to the saraikis and baluchis (and even the americans!).

An this article - The Life of Benazir Bhutto (RWC) - is brilliant. As a young woman in Pakistan, I have little respect for Benazir - a spoilt darling of her husband and his courtiers and slaves - and the spineless wife of an abusive husband who refused to believe her advisor's warnings about her husband. And ultimately she dint even care about her people since for the gratification of her ego and for the seduction of the Western media and Western governments, she refused to heed expert advice and went ahead with organising huge rallies to boost her image, not caring the danger to her poverty-stricken poor fools of followers. And she just had to stick her darned head out of the armoured vehicle at the last minute dint she, causing no little amount of trouble in the nation she professed to love. I'm gutted that a person with all the advantages of education and familial political heritage acted so immature... :(

Its sad that so many of the 'educated' Pakistani youth today don't remember her last government and can't be bothered to research these facts before casting their votes. They are such a dupe of Western media and Benazir's own lies. You really should place this article everywhere. Its important to understand how little she practically means for the cause of women's rights in Pakistan and Muslim countries in general...

hana saleem

what utter rubbish
i also know a very associate of bb and asif and asif never ever beat benazir they loved each other and asif had great respect for his wife
such crap is spread by chauvinist circles who endorse wife beating

and mind you daughter of zulfiqar ali bhutto was not corrupt

history will judge her for her unwavering courage and bravery



benazir and asif were such a lovely couple and i can never for a moment believe this wife beating story
person who believes such lies must have a sick mind

bb was born with a siler spoon she didnt need any corruption money
asif and benazir didnt kill murtaza he was murdered by zia's followers who r still lurking out there
benazir was taking care of her mother who is suffering from alzhiemer and bb wanted her away from public to maintain her mom's dignity

bb will always live in our hearts

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