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May 28, 2008



I am sorry but I think this is a poor example of international diplomacy. How does it help to refer to a President of a country which has diplomatic relations with the US as crazy?

You also conveniently lose the subject in some of your sentences. If a poorly briefed constable tried to talk someone who says he is the US Ambassador to the local police station, is that an attack on the US?

"Sir, will you accompany us to the police station" is a very British phrase intended just to take a problem to one's superiors and ask indirectly a) is this guy for real and b)why didn't you tell us he was coming?

I imagine McGhee was the first American the poor policeman had ever met and it quite likely that he couldn't understand McGhee's accent. He would also have expected McGhee to speak Shona just as a junior deputy in a rural town in the States might be baffled by anyone who didn't speak English.

i am sorry to be less than enthusiastic but the situation in Zimbabwe is explosive and we would get along a lot faster if people stuck to the issues and didn't inflame antagonisms.

jacques dupont

interesting how the last two American ambassadors have felt making outlandish comments and embarking on clearly provactive activities will assist the suffeing of the people of Zimbababwe in any meaningful way. after McGee led his group on this dramatic and ill-timed visit, has anyone bothered to find out what transpired after they had left- maybe not after a day but a week, a month maybe - to those who were visited, both patients and medical stuff...i doubt that and though McGee appears black - guess he is - no police officer here would not know who he is...don't have such a low estimation of your well-meaning emissary.

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