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June 12, 2008


Nicolas Krebs

"Sad and bizarre end to a story you may have noticed a few weeks ago. "

Not bizarre at all. It is the fifth conviction of Brigitte Bardot, everybody could have see the end.

"The charge: “insulting Muslims.”"

No: hate speech.

"The specifics"

Wrong. She has been convicted for claiming that Muslims are ruling France and destroying its culture.

"That’s what we call Free Speech in America but not in France"

There has no and never be total fre speech in France, neither in the USA.

"in France, where opinions critical of Islam and other religious groups have been made a crime."


"She was fined $23,000 and given a suspended prison sentence."


"The cheese-eating surrender monkeys at the Quai D’Orsay should stick what they know, good wine, fine cooking and a lovely language, and leave the oppressive repression to more experienced Fascists."

Is this supposed be insulting?

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