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July 26, 2008


Beth George

Phares' analysis is right on target. He made a break through in our war of ideas when he published his theory on distinguishing Jihadism from islam, even though they may be some links. By pinning down the Jihadists, Phares isolated them inside the Muslim community ideologically. But the Jihadists understood the danger and waged a campaign, with petrodollars, to confuse Western public opinion. They claim that Jihadism is a good thing and inherent to all Muslims. To which Phares responded that Jihad may have been a historical phenomemon in the history of Islam, but contemporary Jihadism is an ideology which is against international law. Muslims in modern times do not need Jihad, as they are under international law. But the Islamic fundamentalists pushed their Western associates to put pressures on US and European Governments to ban the idea that Jihadism is an ideology. That way they can protect it from law. Phares pionnering theory has led to a victory in the War of ideas and in the war on terror. But the Jihadists are trying to get away from it.


Great post!I love this blog!the topic is really very informative!Yeah, i believe that it's really important for the Europeans to must begin and learn to distinguish between Islam as a religion and Jihadism as an ideology..It's very interesting topic!thanks...


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