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July 03, 2008


Editor, Common Ground News Blog

I'm finding it hard to discern your point here - are you just skeptical about the feasability of such an office, or do you suspect that visas attained there will be used for more nefarious purposes than "art?"

If all that you're saying is that the State Department is simply gesturing and that this visa office in Tehran amounts to little more than a political manoeuvre, than I tend to agree with you. "If they find it hard to get to Dubai they’ll find it even harder to get to New York..." True enough.

However, so many of this administration's shortcomings regarding foreign policy have come about because of a refusal to engage. The US is shouldering such a huge burden in Iraq because it abrasively estranged its allies; America's relationship with much of the Middle East is so tenuous because of the choice to blacklist "state sponsors of terror."

If the worst thing about this Tehran visa office is its implausibility, is it really such a bad idea? It may contribute significantly to thaw US-Iranian relations at a time when the Bush administration is making overtures suggesting a desire to open dialogue with Iran and, it would appear in today's news, Syria. Even if Burns' Iran meeting amounted to little more than "small talk," the fact that we've returned to the table is reason enough to hope for less hostile - and thus, more hopeful - relations in the region.


Couldn't agree more. good one

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my friend is an iranian girl, she has been working in UAE for about a year and half and has her visa from free zone. the company is going to close its office and another employee in Dubai wants to hire her. she is not sure if she can get residence visa in Dubai.
being and iranian ,she has heard that they dont issue visa to them in dubai...since she has been in UAE for more than a year how much is her chance to get Dubai residency. she is single.

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