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April 26, 2009



Hey I found your blog today linked from Human Events. I really like what I see. I'll be sure to regularly stop in.

I am a 26 year old grad student from Chicago and I have a humble little blog of my own (A Voice in the Wilderness) and here's my latest piece:


Keep up the good work. Thanks and God bless!


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Democrats are ruining this society: http://chickencamels.poemofquotes.com/politics/why-i-hate-democrats

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Supporters and opponents of President Bush's Iraq War are clashing in a furious debate over who truly supports our troops. The President's critics say they are supporting our troops by setting a timetable to bring them home from an "unnecessary" war. Supporters of the Iraq war say they support our troops by supporting their "vital" mission in Iraq.

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stop war and lets just love one another. :)

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woah! those waves are huge man! there are like giant waves already that are from oceans.. wew! very scary..

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