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October 03, 2009


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Here is not saying that Yoga is equivalent to Jihad ! Here is warning that Western elites have been lured into (or have accepted to by fear of loosing the sources of oil, by political correctness, etc.) seeing Jihad as a spiritual exercice like Yoga. Actually the Turkish attacks on Vienna was disbanded with the help of a Pole, John Sobieski. I think his memory is still alive among the Polish people.

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how could Jihad compared to yoga? hmm... an interesting topic.. i'll download that interview. thanks

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So he is saying that war is relaxing? something like that? Enlighten me pls.

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Greetings All people, Just become a member of fdd.typepad.com. I hope here is the proper place to talk about our feelings as well as the views. However is this is the ideal place to post introduction topic?

When we chat about secure intercourse we do not necessarily mean to eliminate the enthusiasm and intimacy from your everyday living. It basically signifies avoiding and safeguarding you from the sexually transmitted health conditions and cutting down the threat of obtaining the infection. Safe and sound sex safeguards you against unintended pregnancy and some frequent STDs that can be transmitted during intercourse, for instance chlamydia and gonorrhoea. HIV infection is transmitted mainly by means of vaginal or anal intercourse not having a condom. Harmless intercourse prevents you from sexually transmitted disorders and HIV.

If you have had anal, oral or vaginal intercourse and if you have shared needles then you are at a chance of HIV infection. You can drastically cut down the threat issue of acquiring HIV infection by sexual intercourse by being aware of and practicing safer sex. HIV infection is spread by way of human body fluids these kinds of as semen, blood, and vaginal/cervical secretions. Sexual activities that include things like immediate contact with semen, blood, or vaginal/cervical secretions are risky and can induce HIV infection. When sex spouse just take precautions it reduces the likelihood of direct contact with those fluids and make sex safer.

Safe and sound intercourse is significant so as to protect both equally the partners from the incurable sexually transmitted disorders. Therefore it is critical for the partners to sit collectively and examine what birth command techniques they would choose for. It is also crucial to talk about if both of the associate is at a threat of an STDs. While it is a fragile and hard situation to chat on yet it is necessary. As a result it is pretty vital to glimpse for the appropriate second to converse on the theme. It is also important to be straightforward with just about every other and equally important to be frank with just about every other. If any of the partners is sexually contaminated then he or she really should be daring enough to tell it to the companion and take important precautions. Commonly individuals hesitate and do not inform their sex partners about it if they have an HIV or STDs which is actually a heinous crime.

Equally the partners should sit collectively and make selections as to what precautions they are likely to consider. There are a amount of birth control choices. Between the different options the use of condoms is a great selection as they are remarkably powerful if employed appropriately. They give more than ninety% safety in opposition to sexually transmitted diseases. The condoms have other strengths this sort of as they do not require a prescription and are simply obtainable at the drug outlets and vending machines. There are other choice that too can be used like the pill, IUDs, diaphragms, cervical caps, foam, a sponge, Norplant or Depo-Provera, all these are helpful in stopping pregnancy but the DO NOT prevent STDs.

Safer intercourse implies getting remaining nutritious and being smart adequate to guard and stop from unplanned pregnancy and sexual disorders. It usually means making the most of intercourse to the fullest and at the similar time exhibiting respect and care for every other. Protected intercourse is essential as wellness comes previously mentioned enjoyment and we owe a obligation in the direction of are partners and the society.

Just about 3-4 a long time in the past, men and women would have sex with various partners without having worrying about lethal conditions. They would not even use condoms. On the other hand, right after the distribute of fatal illnesses like AIDS, Hepatitis-B and very similar infections, men and women have come to be extra concerned about sexually transmitted disorders (STDs). In this article, we want to see how protected is what we name safe-intercourse?

It is virtually not possible to prevent intercourse and as a result we have to have to understand about probable dangers of it. We will know about hazards and probable workarounds to minimize these threats.

Several people feel that the phrase 'safe-sex' is equivalent to employing a condom. Alas the comprehension is not accurate and this sort of assumption may possibly even grow the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. People might assume they have insured on their own against STDs with a condom and include by themselves with unsafe partners.

Condoms are not 100% reputable. They may well break and lead to pregnancy or even disorder transfer. Having said that, using condom is unquestionably suggested and it will provide down the chance of infection significantly.

We do not want to deny that condoms are a really efficient protection. But STDs may possibly be transferred not only from sexual organs, but also from other elements of the body this sort of as mouth. As an example cases have been observed in which AIDS virus has been transferred by oral sex. AIDS virus exists in vaginal fluids and in circumstance of the injuries in mouth or skin, infection might occur. In addition if there are injuries and blood in the mouth of the oral sex giver and no defense is employed, the virus can be transferred yet again.

If you are sexually active or you guess you might have sex, be certain to have a condom with your self. Find out how to use it properly and do not forget to use it. It will consider thirty seconds to place on a condom although staying away from it may well have an effect on your complete lifestyle. Initially rule and the most critical an individual, is to use a condom when getting sex. If you are a female, do not agree on obtaining intercourse devoid of a condom at any conditions. Possessing intercourse with several individuals at a time working with a single condom is also extremely dangerous and unacceptable.

It is pretty vital to have health-related checks just before starting up a romance specially a long expression 1 which will increase the range of sexual encounters and risk of disorder transfer. Also just take in thoughts that some of the ailments require time to seem on checks just after the infection. For instance AIDS infection could possibly consider three months to be detected.

Persons which have sexual romantic relationship with various partners and people partners could have sex with other partners are in superior threat. This is since a single unhealthy particular person could possibly transfer the disorder to the complete chain very fast. People obtaining sex with a single companion have a quite lessen risk of currently being contaminated (unless a person of the partners has like sexual partnership).

If you have young kids in household, we suggest you to train them about previously mentioned stated information and facts or at minimum provide it to them. Educating youthful and unaware people is probably the most productive technique of decreasing the spread of hazardous sexually transferred diseases. Younger individuals want to know the implications of possessing dangerous relationships. Comprehension this crucial level may well help save their lives.

There are many men and women who you should not see the level of having safe and sound intercourse and they argue that it will take away the enjoyment of producing adore. They are deeply incorrect simply because unsafe intercourse, primarily with unstable partners can pose a good deal of threats to one's well being. HIV and sexual transmitted diseases are one of the most really serious hazards, not to point out the truth that there are lots of ladies who want to keep away from pregnancy. Staying healthy and balanced and producing convinced you do not conceive babies can only be carried out by adopting and placing in practice recommendations and methods for risk-free sex. The initially move is to get informed about what harmless sex usually means and about how to keep away from diverse threats. You need to have to do this regardless of the simple fact that you are a guy or a lady since safe sex is the duty of both partners. It is not at all ample to know what you are intended to do for defending yourself of HIV, STDs and an undesired pregnancy you also have to set that data into apply.

In order to be ready to get pleasure from safer intercourse, you have to know the instances in which viruses and conditions are transmitted. Lots of assume that oral sex is safer and it are unable to infect somebody with HIV. Factors are distinct due to the fact primarily if you have sores or open up in juries in your mouth, you are quite most likely to get HIV from an infected spouse by practicing oral sex. Unprotected anal sex can also distribute the virus and other infections.

Dental dam is a way of practicing safer sex for the reason that it retains you away from all the infections and virus that can be transmitted through oral stimulation or intercourse. It is made of latex and it can conveniently be located in drugstores. Condoms are also a single of the most secure protective methods. The most efficient ones are made of latex. When applying condoms for safer intercourse, you have to spend great awareness to donning them properly mainly because otherwise they may well not provide any defense at all. It is never safe and sound to use the very same condom for training each vaginal and oral or anal sex. Lubricants are advised to be made use of simply because they prevent condoms for breaking. Other contraceptive solutions, like the pills or the diaphragm are certainly protecting the woman versus undesirable pregnancy, but they depart the partners uncovered to both equally HIV and other sexual transmitted conditions.

Intercourse is something that human beings can not dwell with out at all, but it also will involve the threat of contacting a Sexually Transmitted Condition (STDs) or an unplanned pregnancy. This is where safe and sound intercourse comes into the picture. Harmless sex is the practice of sexual intercourse with total safety in purchase to protect against STDs or pregnancy and like the enjoyment of sex as effectively. Risk-free intercourse in no way dampens or deteriorates the enjoyment aspect, in simple fact it adds self esteem in the few so that they can delight in the moment not having imagining about all individuals nasty stuffs.

Your physique is at a possibility of contacting sexually transmitted diseases anytime there is an exchange of bodily fluids like semen, vaginal secretion or blood. These health conditions are extremely hazardous and may well be lifestyle threatening. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is one particular these kinds of incurable ailment that is transmitted sexually. Other STDs include hepatitis-B, herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Now the concern arises, how can you keep away from contacting these disorders?

Amid the alternatives, the ideal choice is abstinence. Abstinence is the apply of not indulging in any sexual exercise with everyone at all and for this reason, the threat of trade of physique fluids via intercourse is nil. This technique is a hundred% powerful but not at all practical.

The London Escorts future option is to use a condom. A condom is a thin latex sheath that addresses the penis and stops the get in touch with of genital fluids by acting as a barrier in between them. Male condoms are fairly low-cost and readily available in all drug suppliers and even vending machines. There are also female condoms that cover the total vaginal wall but these are pricey and not very easily offered. The use of condoms cuts the possibility of contacting a illness by 90% and and that of pregnancy by 95%.

A person ought to be dedicated in a relationship and have sexual relation with only 1 associate. Make confident that your partner is absolutely free from any STDs previous to getting into into a sexual connection with him/her. Avoid sexual flings with finish strangers and intercourse staff as these raise the danger of contacting these health conditions. Remember, condoms are not a hundred% productive.

To stay away from undesirable pregnancies adult females can also use birth control supplements, IUDs, diaphragms and so forth. Recall, if you want to have a pressure-free of charge intercourse existence, then risk-free intercourse is a must. In no way does it take away the pleasure from you, as an alternative it offers you self-confidence and peace of mind.


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